In today’s over-saturated market of products and marketing, people are turning to experiential events to drive revenue and stand out from the rest.

With so many TV, radio ads, Instagram influencers, and Facebook ads it is easy to tune out the noise. In today’s market product companies and brands are having to reinvent the way they market to cut through the noise and stand out from the rest. They are doing that with experiential events. Events that are focused on the experience and creating a lasting connection with the audience rather than telling them one more thing to buy or subscribe to.

What is an experiential event?

Experiential events at their core are events designed to captivate and engage an audience through some type of activity or entertainment. The goal is for a company to let people experience their product, see their brand, and build a connection with something that will make them a lifetime customer. Basically summed up, an experiential event is designed to make people have an emotional response to something.

What are the core components when designing an experiential event?

1.) Create an authentic experience for people

It’s easy for a company to put out any activity for people to do and add some logos to it but creating an experience that will build positive emotions and build positive connections with the brand have to be thought out a little bit more closely. Think about creating an experience that relates to what your brand stands for or incorporates your product in the physical experience.

2.) Create a shareable experience

While having an individual experience with something is great making an event or experience so that it can be shared with others either physically or socially through digital media is of utmost importance. Think of how you can incorporate social media into the experience without taking away from the event.

3.) Keep it achievable

Dreaming big is great but when it relates to live events keeping your activity or event achievable is important. You can scale the event as it develops and add features.

How should I market an experiential event?

Marketing an experiential event can be an easy or a hard thing to do. One thing to consider when planning a marketing strategy is what your end goal is. If your end goal is to re-engage your current customers then choosing marketing channels that do that should be your priority. If you are trying to demo your product to a broad audience you can create buzz by doing a free contest of people using your product. The winner can get free tickets to your event or win an incentive trip. Additionally, sometimes the best marketing is word of mouth marketing. Creating ads and videos that build buzz and make people talk about your event is also another tactic that you can use.

Of course, if you feel overwhelmed or looking for assistance planning your next experiential marketing event the feel free to give one of our planners a call today.