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We could tell you all about us and the event planning and design awards we won, our credentials, and our history but we would rather hear your story. We are hear to help you tell your story, build your brand, and engage your audience. That starts with us listening to you and your needs. 

Our Philosophy

Alice in Wonderland Themed Game For One of our Experiential Event Clients

Event Planning And Design That Captivates Your Audience And Builds Your Brand

We create events that excite the five senses and engage the mind and body. In other words we create experiences meant to engage and entertain.

We believe that the measurement of a successful event is how long the event, your message, and brand remain in the memory of your attendees. With that one goal in mind we help our clients create events that engage the five senses, expose the brand, and build lasting memories for those in attendance.

Why We Were Founded

To Make Events Memorable

Absolute Event Experience was founded out of a desire to make events magical. To turn the normal keynote speaker, boxed lunch, and uplit room into something memorable. However, we know that not everyone shares that desire so while making events memorable we make sure the event works to expose your brand and drive a strong return on investment.

To Be An Event Planning Resource

We know that event planning may not be your thing and that's why we created AEE. To help people plan and execute successful events without having to stress the small details. We love the small details, the medium details, and the big picture! Let us take care of building and executing your events. 

Where Are You Located

Based in Orlando Florida we offer event planning services nationwide. We have an extensive list of partners across the US that allow us to offer our services nationwide while maintaining the quality that our customers expect. 

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