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Human connection is the most valuable thing we have. When a brand or company or city is trying to promote something, raise money, or get involved in their community the best thing is to plan a community event. The same as with any meeting you only get one shot to make a lasting impression and that is where Absolute Event Experience wants to help you. Don't stress about the details let us help you take your idea to reality with our event design and planning services.

Community Outreach 

Now more than ever it has become important for all types of business to stay in touch with their community around them. The event planners at Absolute Event Experience can plan your community outreach event around your goal and vision. Each event can also be tailored towards your expected audience. Leaving no stone left un-turned we can plan and execute your event. 

Don’t stress – hire the best. 

Community outreach events can be anything from a pop up store, a free car wash, a 5k race. Let the planners at Absolute Event Experience sit down with you and your company to determine what type of event will fit your company philosophy, your desired image, and the type of connections or outreach you are wanting. 

Grand Openings

Congratulations on your new location! Grand openings are important for the success of your business. Your grand opening will set the tone for your business for the next few months and beyond. A grand opening is really an opportunity for a business to reach out to the community and build long term relationships that will help sustain the business in the long run. 

We offer full planning and execution of your event. The events we plan are designed to launch your business into your community and help tell your story or message to the people you are targeting.


Give us a call today to find out how we can help you at your next grand opening! We can plan your event, stratagize your outreach, and execute the design. 

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