Zest – Driving Brand Value on Tour Marketing Support

This 15 week tour for Zest truly proved that events are more valuable and more powerful in the consumers mind than any advertising. With a little more than 2 weeks to plan, the Absolute team put together this exciting experience package with the main attraction being a race track with fully customized Zest cars that raced up to 40 mph Because the Zest tMarketing team wanted to keep down costs, they hired their own team from Brand Connection to tour the country and the Absolute team provided the experiences and a complete training session in our pre-show facility. There they trained the ZeBrand Connection on how to set up, run, and break down the products quickly and easily. The tour went off without a hitch in 15 cities across the country. The Zest team was able to build brand awareness in key markets and provide the consumer with the ability to see and touch the brand. Scott Zellner of Absolute explains, ” We get excited just handling the experience creation and designing an easy set up structure for the mobile marketing firm. We do not need to run every event, there are many very well trained mobile marketing experts available, like our friends from Brand Connection.”

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