Suzanne Evans

World famous business coach Suzanne Evans is all about show business. She places equal emphasis on the Show and the Business. Going to a Suzanne Evans Be The Change event is life altering. It was an honor that she contacted us and asked us to help create an immersive environment for her 2013 conference.

The theme for the Event was Game On! Suzanne’s no nonsense, in your face, you can do it……I’m sorry its really HELL YEAH! YOU CAN DO IT!  This attitude permeates her conference. There is nothing shy and demure here. It is about passionate people being passionate about their success.

We were asked to build a lounge at registration. Since the theme was Game On! It was given a game room groove. We provided custom pool tables, dart boards, LED ping pong tables. Also we provided Towair products with the Suzanne Evans exclamation point to give this branding the punch it deserves.

We were asked to provide a blackboard for attendees to sign. We made the suggestion to just get some silver permanent markers and have them sign the pool table felt instead. In the end, we convinced the client to spend that money on a digital graffiti wall which people could sign and free paint. The artwork could then be printed or sent to the world via social media. It’s the little details at an event that make a big difference or a big impact so that’s our  focus.