Subaru NTC

Absolute Event Experience is about more than just the event or party, we are also problem solvers. We work, in detail, with our clients to ensure that everything runs exactly as they expected.

Subaru needed a way to rate the effectiveness of their sales training through the use of an audience response system. Unfortunately their previous experience with this form of quantitative analysis had left them a little gun shy. The method employed before was slow and inaccurate which caused problems. Participants were supposed to be rewarded immediately for accurate answers and their point totals would affect compensation. The previously slow and inaccurate responses meant that Subaru had to pay people without knowing the results and the entire process came under intense scrutiny. Their prior attempt had given them poor results and cost them more than expected in payouts and left them with a bad taste in their mouth.

Given the past history we could fully understand their sensitivity to this issue. Our expert team sat down with them so we could completely understand of their expectations and previous disappointments. We continued to ask questions until we completely understood and could find the right remedy. The remedy was not only different software but an event redesign.  We were determined to fix it. We walked them through each step of the planning and execution, ensuring that everything was how they wanted it. By the end of the first session all the skepticism was gone and the client went on to enjoy an effective and fun method to obtain the quantifiable data they required.

In the end we produced exactly what they were looking for. Participants were able to accurately answer questions and the results were produced instantly, which were then broadcast, to the training department, via the cloud. This meant that Subaru could see the results in real-time format and awards could be distributed accurately to the appropriate participants at the end of the session. Our cloud programming not only meant that they could tell who had the correct answers, but they could also use the results to create a leader board or distribute and disseminate it in their chosen form.

Subaru was more than pleased with the end results and has since invited us back to do it all again.

We were really pleased with the performance of you and the crew for the Field Face Off. The system worked beautifully and the speed of the reporting was perfect! The greatest compliment I can give you is that if we use the ARS again next year, which is a good possibility, we will be calling you.”