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The event, which hosts the top sales managers from all over the country, has created its own legacy. Every year we hear returning attendees tell us that they could not believe we would top the previous year. AEE not only executes the story telling and themeing for the event but produces the opening and closing general sessions as well as the Top Gun Awards Show, which honors the top sales and service performance for the year.


These meetings boast keynote speakers and celebrity entertainers such as Gold Medalist Apollo Ono, Moneyball’s Paul DePodesta, Americas Got Talent Distinguished Men of Brass, and War Hero Marcus Luttrell.

Each year presented new and unique challenges to capture and engage the audience. From super hero costumes to live entertainment we built their event to excite, captivate, and engage their people. This included creating custom set pieces each year to match the theme. 


From the entrance into the ballroom to the games that people engaged with were decorated and placed to build excitement and memories for their annual conferences. 


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